In September the council awarded 8 happy students at University of Nicosia scholarships
for the 2012-13 period.

During June and August David Williams have distributed scholarships on
our behalf.
We have five partner organizations in Northern Thailand and together we
have selected 165 to be enrolled in the SLSF Northern Programme. The
partner organizations are, Samsara, Karen Hilltribe Trust, SWAN, Blood Foundation and the Migrant Learning Center.

Sirinpat Kuttikul, who recieved a Sievert Larsson Scholarship in 2010 has
just finished her master in architecture at Chalmers. She is interviewed here
by Michael Nystas.
The first batch of scholarship recipients are now finishing their studies at Chalmers. One evening they all went to one of Gothenburgs Thai restaurants
to celbrate with the Chalmers contact person. Some will stay over the summer
to finish their studies before it is time to move back to Thailand with a lot of new knowledge and experiences.

The Council members of SLSF recently got together in Thailand in order to
meet with our partner organizations. The members first went to Nakon Sawan where we were greeted by Peter Robinson and other trustee members of SET.


First we went to Garnacheep Vocations Collage where we presented 100 scholarships for the ongoing semester. The students put on a nice show for
us  the Dragon Dance  since it was the week of the Chinese new year.


The council members then continued to Chiang Mai. The New Life Center
had organized a visit to a remote Shan Village where we meet the parents
of one of the girls we sponsor for university studies.

The family invited us to lunch (her father is to the left) and was very very
grateful for the opportunities given to their daughter. The village is self
sustained with food and sells garlic to get some cash for other necessary

The people in this little village fled from Burma more than 30 years ago.
They speak their own language and has no Thai citizenship or papers.

 Back in the New Life Center we met with many of the scholarship recipients



The manager of the NewLife Center, Karen Smith is to the right in the picture.


In conclusion the visit to Thailand gave the council members an insight in
how important their chartable work is on behalf of the Foundation. Many
individuals are helped and will benefit the society, their families and experience
a richer quality of life in the future.