About us

Sievert Larsson, a Swedish national with great appreciation for the education for young individuals and particularly their right to education, founded the Sievert Larsson Scholarship Foundation in 2007. A momentous milestone for the Foundation from the start was when Larsson decided to donate all his shares of Ancoria Insurance Public Ltd, a successful company which operates since 1987 in Cyprus, to the Foundation.

The Foundation’s initial activities and efforts were to financially help young individuals in Thailand to further their education in order to improve their quality of living. Larsson had travelled to Thailand many times and was heavily influenced by the culture and the people from his companion of 44 years, Em-Orn Pathumma.  Larsson, already active in many charitable causes, including donating a dormitory for 500 girls in Wat Sa Kaew orphanage, had started researching the educational aspect in Thailand since 1991 and after being inspired by Thai Ordained Monk Peter Robinson he decided that this was a worthy goal with a great impact on people’s everyday lives. Recently the Foundation decided to expand its efforts to Cyprus, where Ancoria Insurance has its headquarters. The purpose of the programmes in Cyprus is to support high-calibre, promising students who wish to further their education at educational institutions either in Cyprus or abroad.

The Sievert Larsson Scholarship Foundation will continue the significant role it plays in young people’s lives. If you would like to be part of this cause, by either donating or applying to become a programme partner, please contact us.