Welcome to the Sievert Larsson Scholarship Foundation and thank you for taking time to find out more about the Foundation.

The Sievert Larsson Scholarship Foundation's primary purpose is to facilitate the education of promising students from disadvantaged backgrounds.The Foundation will also facilitate the education of a few high calibre students that have exhibited excellence through their academic achievements.

At the moment the Foundation, gives scholarships to Thai and Cypriot students, mainly for undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. In 2019, the Foundation will distribute more than 2,000 scholarships.

New organization and website

From January 2019 we have a Foundation in Thailand that will organize and distribute most of our scholarship donations. The name of the Foundation is Create Your Future:

Create Your Future


All news and updates for SLSF and CYF will from now be published on the CYF website. Please visit and bookmark http://www.cyf.or.th










The SLSF Council convened in Thailand this year and first went to the Suan Dusit University (Culinary Arts Faculty) where we distributed 71 scholarships in memory of Emorn Pathumma. Notice the student that shows her skills in food carving.

..in Nakhon Sawan the Council participated in distributing 151 scholarships to students in the Rajabhat University that enrolled in the SET program.

.. and we met with the New Life Center in Chiang Mai. Currently supporting 206 students with scholarships from SLSF




Daphne HIngert, one of our scholarship students in Chalmers was just appointed Global Swede by the Swedish institute. The award was given to 22 international students by the Secretary of State Oscar Stenström. See article 


The trustees of SET just finished distributing donations for the second semester of school year 2015/16 to students at the Rajhadbat University in Nakon Sawan. 

The students who to their last scholarship from SET also got a book from SLSF. A special SLSF edition of personal money management called "A dog called Money"



Meeting iwith the management of Thai Lahu Development Fund. This year they will support 275 students with our help.


The New Life Center

Happy girls from the New Life Center in Chiang Mai. During 2015 NLF distributed more than140 scholarships to a multitude of Hill Tribes in northern Thailand.


The 12th of February we distributed 60 scholarships to students in the Culinary Arts faculty. Present were also Khun Ong-Art, Suree, Chanika and Peng and of course the teachers and students.



Through Rotary, SLSF has donated a water cleaning
system to a rural school outside Chiang Mai.



Toonpanya Foundation  (SLSF Northern Program)

Some of the almost 400 students that benefit from the SLSF Northern Programme this year. FB https://www.facebook.com/northern.programme?ref=ts&fref=ts

Chalmers University of Technology

Sievert met with four old and three new recipients of the SLSF scholarship in Gothenburg the 28th of August. The "old" students are just starting their second year of their masters degree studies. They are all doing great and have adjusted to life in Sweden remarkably well.
From left Khun Daphne, Nuknik, Nueng, Mono, Belle, Emma and Gle.

The SET Foundation

SET has distributed 1,475 scholarships so far this year. (most of the donated monies come from SLSF).
To see what an excellent job SET is doing check out their newsletter.

Suan Dusit University in Memory of Emorn Pathumma

For the semester starting in August (a new school year) we distributed 58 scholarships. Honorary guests this year were Anotai Klampaiboon and Poon Haemapun, a Council Member living in Dubai.



Sievert Larsson/ Ancoria Excellence Awards at
the University of Cyprus

The Sievert Larsson Scholarship Foundation, as part of its social responsibility and the sensitivity it has been demonstrating towards the subject of education, continues to donate towards the education of students from Cyprus.  The Council of the Foundation has decided to proceed with a donation of €16.400 to the University of Cyprus for the academic year 2014-2015.

The Sievert Larsson/ Ancoria Excellence Award will be awarded to four postgraduate students who excel in the academic year 2014-2015 and who will achieve the highest grade upon graduation, in the programmes of Master in Applied Mathematics, Master in Applied Statistics, Master in Finance and Master in Monetary and Financial Economics. The Award will be for an amount of €4.100 for each student. The Sievert Larsson Scholarship Foundation, major shareholder of Ancoria Insurance and Ancoria Bank, was founded in 2007 by Sievert Larsson in an effort to support high-calibre, capable and promising individuals to further their education. Currently, the Foundation offers scholarships to students from Thailand and Cyprus. Click here to view the announcement by the University. 

Distribution of 59 scholarships to students in Suan Dusit Culinary Arts Faculty in memory of Emorn.

This year we were honored by the presence of Mr. Ong Art Klampaiboon, former member of the Thai government and the chairman of SLSF Mr. John Loizou.

A successful visit with TLDF in Chiang Mai. The Thai Lahu Development Foundation recieved 289 scholarships last year.

John Loizou and Sievert also met with the MAP Foundation and it's new manager, Mr. Brahm Press. Also present was Mr. Kyaw Kyaw Min Htut from the BEAM Education Foundation.


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Happy SET Students


The very first SET student


SET's very first student -in 1994- was Seckson Sukhassena. In fact, SET was originally established only to support Seckson through his Bachelor degree studies in Physics at Naresuan University. He's progressed since then.